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What people are saying…

Ellen provided acupuncture for my husband after cancer treatment. She was kind and thorough. She helped alleviate neuropathy in his hands and feet. Ellen helped him restore some of his swallowing ability as well as allowing him a better nights sleep.

I also received acupuncture from Ellen to help with my eczema. After several sessions my hands began to clear up and I could not believe the results. I did not need to use my steroid cream and my hands were smooth!

Brenda G.

After surgery for ruptured disks, scar tissue developed that had me incapacitated and unable to work. I tried pain meds, shots, massage and chiropractic to no avail. I was at my wits end when a friend recommended acupuncture and I fell under Ellen’s care. She was a godsend and within 6 visits over 3-4 weeks I was off of the pain meds, back to work and most importantly back to the gym. She is a true professional, and I highly recommend her services!
Steven D.

I went to Ellen after years of chronic sinus problems. I was one step away from considering surgery to stop my constant misery. After one treatment from Ellen I experienced significant relief from my symptoms. I continue to see her and recommend her to everyone I know.
Erin H.

I often say that Ellen Leifman saved my life. After suffering from years of debilitating pain from migraines and being out of options for treatments, I decided to turn to acupuncture. After just ONE session with Ellen the pain from my migraines began to dissipate and I felt a new and different kind of pain – that new pain was actually a brain tumor. This new pain was being masked by my migraines and had I not gone to see Ellen, I would not have felt it. My treatments with Ellen prompted me to visit my doctor and that is when my tumor was discovered. I highly recommend Ellen to anyone who suffers from migraines.
Sandie R.

Since Ellen started treating me about 3 years ago, my chronic respiratory problems have significantly improved and my overall health has bounced back. I have also been able to stop taking the prescriptions treating my symptoms. I continue to see Ellen regularly to maintain my health, drug free.
Melissa C.

I found Ellen when she filled in for my acupuncturist. After a few visits she became my only therapist! I found her treatments for my asthma kicked in faster and lasted longer than with other practitioners. She is very gentle and goes out of her way to make appointments to fit in a schedule. Ellen is a wonderful and caring acupuncturist.
Brenda T.

I had been suffering with spinal stenosis which affected my right leg. The pain was extremely annoying and so I decided to try acupuncture. Within a few short months my leg was pain free and I was able to function again. I am positive that without this treatment I would still be suffering.
Marilyn L.

I would like to thank Ellen for supporting me with acupuncture on my wellness path to manage an auto immune disease. With her treatment my pain has lessened and my condition has not gotten worse in over two years.
Mary W.

I started working with Ellen at the start of my pregnancy with my daughter while looking to curb the morning sickness I was having. After doing treatments with Ellen, not only was my morning sickness gone but I also found a new level of relaxation that I hadn’t been able to get before acupuncture. My daughter is now 13 months old and I still get regular acupuncture treatments as I love it so much! It is a regular part of my health and wellness routine.
Nicole T.

Ellen Leifman does outstanding acupuncture treatments. I go regularly as part of my overall healthcare, as opposed to any specific issues. But if something specific does pop up, Ellen’s right on top of it. Whether it’s fatigue, muscle soreness or stress, Ellen’s treatments are comprehensive and effective. She is a true healer.
Ramiro T.

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